Weekend Buzz: Souls to Polls flops, SG arrives downtown, homeless consultant busy

Yesterday, few people, other than the candidates and their supporters, showed up downtown to vote early. In 2008, bus loads of voters, primarily African-American, showed to vote at the Supervisor of Elections’ office on the Sunday the week before the election. Rev. Lutimothy May, pastor of Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, organized the effort.

This year, the Charlie Crist campaign put up some money for the Souls to the Polls, but the NAACP failed to get much of a turnout.

Despite the weak showing yesterday, early voting in Escambia County is ahead of what it was four years ago. As of Saturday, 8,337 early votes have been cast, up over 20 percent.

Studer Group Arrives

Over the weekend, Studer Group moved from its Gulf Breeze location to its new offices at the Community Maritime Park. Downtown restaurants can expect an influx of lunch patrons.

Marbut: Pied Piper for Homeless Transformation

Dr. Robert Marbut has been busy the past 30 days. He has submitted reports to both the City of Pensacola and Volusia County (Daytona Beach area) on how to deal with the homeless.

Both sets of recommendations are very similar. Both have been placed on hold until after the November 4 general election. To read more on the Volusia County Action Plan, click here.

Here are the two plans:
Volusia County