Campaign Lit review: Hart

We’ve gotten four mailers from Lyn Hart….putting his campaign war chest to quick use:

First one had the tagline: “Roots Matter to trees…” then on back side adds” …and to communities.”

Details: Pensacola resident for 44 years, St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hadji Shrine, Sertoma, Jaycees, Elks, Chamber. “A veteran of the banking and finance industry and small business owner…”

Ends with slogan: “Not just another politician.”

Second one focused on American Dream of homeownership (somehow I thought he might work an RV in there) Targeted homeowner’s insurance and property taxes.

Three points to fight homeowners insurance:

  • Reform Citizens Insurance
  • Stop cherry picking by insurance companies
  • Mandate discounts for better building

On property insurance:

  • Increase homestead exemption
  • Portability
  • Limit growth of local government budgets

Third one Hart plays the God card…”Faith, Family and Community””Lyn knows that America is at its best when we remember that we were founded as “One Nation under God.” FFC are described as the guiding principles of Hart’s life.

Fourth one has a ladder “an important piece of equipment for most politicians.”

“They barely win one office before they start trying to climb the ladder to the next one.”

Hart makes a pledge:

  • always tell the truth
  • represent us with highest code of ethics
  • serve entire term
  • will not use job for higher office


In listening around town, these flyers have given Hart a bump, but has he peaked too soon? Expect the other candidates to hit hard over the next 7-8 days.

Also Hart has played every angle well. Since the state legislature has acted on property insurance, is it still an issue? Not sure about his property tax ideas. Should state government mandate how city and county governments are run and dictate their budget increases?

…doesn’t sound very Republican or conservative.