Campaign Lit review: Ford

Clay Ford nailed it with best and probably most expensive professional mailer to date.

Driven to serve people, solve problems: highlights his military career, growing up in Arkansas, law degree, masters in public administration.

Events changed his life and ours: talks about his wife being in Central High School’s first integrated class  (in Little Rock) and his roles as a national guardsman.

Elected to serve, destined to lead: elected to Ark state legislature, worked in Pentagon, completed Army War College

Cold warrior finds another way to serve: Moves to Gulf Breeze. Elected to GB city council – 15 years.

The last fold highlights career, community service and values.


The only GOP opponent that comes close to matching Ford’s military service and political career is Tom Banjanin. Will Ford send out another issues-oriented mailer that tells us what he plans to do once elected?