Campaign Lit review: Scarborough

The George Scarborough mailer we got last Friday led with this quote:

We need a leader who will put taxpayers and homeowners first! It’s time to just say no to special interests in Tallahassee.

Letter on the other side states insurance crisis was created by politicians more worried about themselves and their careers than us. Also claims a special interest group has raised $100K to destroy Scarborough.

Three bullet points:

  • Protecting homeowners from insurance ripoffs
  • Fighting for lower property taxes
  • Fighting for us instead of Tallahassee special interests


Appears to be taking aim at Lyn Hart and his RV monies and other contributors who live outside Northwest Florida. I do believe he’s right about politicians not looking after the voters. Every economist in the state said this was coming – the legislature chose to not deal with it until after the primaries and general election.