CARES checks finally in the mail

Escambia County sent out announcement that 5,500 households will receive CARES Act checks by Dec. 30. Hooray!

Unfortunately, many of those families needed the dollars in July and August as unemployment checks ran out and jobs were slow to return.

Escambia County received $57.3 million from the CARES Act signed by President Trump in late March. The county only distributed 27.9% to families and individuals, and the majority of the checks were mailed in 60 days before the CARES deadline, Dec. 30

From the county:

The Escambia County Family CARES Grant program application and verification process began on Sept. 25 and has officially closed. The county approved 5,500 households for the $3,000 grants. Escambia County residents will receive $16.5 million from this appropriation program.

In its four-day application window, the county received a higher than anticipated volume of applications, with 9,558 households submitting information. Only 42 percent of the applicants did not receive any CARES funds.

“We are pleased to be completed with the certification process for this grant, which is so helpful to the citizens of our county,” said Clara Long, director of Neighborhood and Human Services Department. “Our staff took the time to work with residents who needed assistance in completing the application correctly, and due to federal funding deadlines, we are no longer accepting additional information.”