Caton blasted Fairchild in 2003

During the debate over the first development plan for the Trillium property (2002-2003) –which was a staff proposal, not from the private sector— City Attorney Don Caton reprimanded Charlie Fairchild for his antics at a city council meeting.

While speaking at the podium, Fairchild removed the microphone and attached a toy microphone with imitation “eyes” to remind the Council that “we are watching you.”

Fairchild was rebuked by Deputy Mayor J.D. Smith, who chaired the meeting, and wrote a letter demanding under what ordinance did Smith have to the right to call his stunt “disruptive.” Googly Eye Charlie

In his letter to Fairchild, Caton wrote that act was “demeaning, distracting and disruptive of the normal manner of conducting City business” and pointed out the city laws involved. Caton letter

Politics makes strange bedfellows. And Charlie loves the limelight.