Charlotte’s Web caught up in greed and politics

Ryan Wiggins of Full Contact Strategies sent out this afternoon a statement from the Mosley family regarding the current status of Charlotte’s Web in Florida. The last challenge against the rules for its distribution are expected to be dismissed, but the victory may be a hollow one.

“Regardless of the outcome of today’s hearing, for Florida’s epileptic families, any victory would be a shallow one. Over the past year, we have watched as the promise of hope has been chipped away by greedy stakeholders who have stalled this process at the expense of sick children. If the challenge is dismissed allowing for the rule to be implemented, it would only clear one hurdle for these families. There is still a long road ahead.

“A year ago when the legislature passed and the governor signed SB 1030, no one anticipated the issues these families would experience trying to get their hands on the life-saving medicine promised to them in that legislation. For these families, the rose colored glasses are off at this point, and as they look to the future, they see nothing but challenges.

“When over forty nurseries are competing for five licenses into a multi-million dollar industry, these families foresee greed taking over again and anticipate that challenges to the procurement process will be inevitable. When that happens, it will grind progress to a halt yet again, further delaying the ability for these families to get their hands on high CBD oil.

“The Florida legislature has the power to fix this. With a simple vote, they can smooth out this process, fixing the issues in the current legislation, thus expediting the ability for these children to receive their medication. It is heartbreaking and disappointing that the legislature has thus far chosen not to act on behalf of these children.”