City improves Garden Street Median

Improvements to the Garden Street median are now underway as part of the City of Pensacola’s Garden Street Landscaping Revitalization Project, which will greatly improve aesthetics along Garden Street between A Street and Alcaniz Street.

The city’s project contractor will begin work on Monday, March 14, and the project is expected to be completed by late summer 2022, weather permitting.

The Garden Street Landscaping Revitalization Project will install landscaping and irrigation within the grassy medians, with landscaping to include shrubs, trees and other plants. The plants for this landscaping project were selected by a Licensed Landscape Architect to ensure they will thrive in the areas they are planted.

The existing grass and groundcover within the medians will be removed as part of this project, which will involve spraying a specific product that is designed to destroy unwanted groundcover and weeds while protecting the desired existing plantings (trees, shrubs, etc.). The city’s contractor is permitted to spray this product, and it complies with all environmental state and federal regulations.

In addition, Florida Department of Transportation inspectors for the District’s Landscape Project Manager/Wildflower Coordinator, the City of Pensacola’s Construction Inspectors, and the City Arborist will be onsite to verify the plantings are completed properly and safely.


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  1. What is the name of the product that will be used to “only kill grass and weeds? ”

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