City of Grudges – Open Books and WSRE tonight

From WSRE TV:  On an all-new Conversations with Jeff Weeks, we speak with Rick Outzen, who is best known as the owner and publisher of the Inweekly  (Independent News)–a publication that has proven it is not afraid to dive deep into local issues. Don’t miss the premiere TONIGHT at 7:30pm on WSRE. (or watch it now).

Open Books: Rick Outzen Reads “City of Grudges” – hosted by Open Books Bookstore & Prison Book Project. Tonight 6-8 p.m. at Open Books Bookstore & Prison Book Project, 1040 N Guillemard St.


1 thought on “City of Grudges – Open Books and WSRE tonight

  1. Great interview which touches on many topics of interest.

    I’m of the opinion from decades of personal observations that alt-weeklies often serve the public’s interest best in that major news outlets were no more than opinion shapers. Faux News “Entertainment” evidences the worse form of opinion shaping. How an entertainment company (Fox Entertainment) been able to masquerade as a “news” organization and not be challenged remains a mystery to me. Recent stories about Sinclair Broadcasting script readers NOT reporters reveal Faux Entertainment is not alone masquerading as a “news outlet”.

    Also, although stories about Russian trolls on social media sites is the topic of the day, I clearly remember a South Florida company named “Rent-a-Troll” advertising itself for hire years before the public heard about Russian trolls.

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