City precincts in other races

P.C. Wu (Dist. 1), Sam Hall (Dist. 2) and Jewel Cannada-Wynn (Dist. 6) won all their precincts handily.

Maren DeWeese (Dist. 3) won her race in Pct. 3 East Hill Baptist – where she beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 1088-752.

Larry Johnson (Dist. 4) beat incumbent Marty Donovan in all their precincts. However, third-place finisher Rhette Anderson won enough votes in every precinct to force the run-off between Johnson and Donovan.

Robbie Andrews (Dist. 7) got enough votes at Mt. Zion (Pct. 14) and the Escambia Environmental Health (Pct. 56) to force Jacci Shumaker and incumbent Ronald Townsend into a runoff. Townsend was the top vote-getter.

See the precincts: city-districts.pdf