City wants to hear from residents

The City of Pensacola is conducting its annual resident satisfaction survey and is encouraging all city residents to participate and let their voices be heard.

City residents are asked to complete the survey online at or by phone at 850-495-2666 by Friday, July 23. Residents should have also received a postcard in the mail prompting them to complete the survey.

The survey asks residents about their satisfaction with a variety of city services and facilities, including street lights, sidewalks, neighborhood safety and more, also prompting participants to rank their top priorities for the City of Pensacola. The survey also asks residents whether they would recommend living in the City of Pensacola to family and friends, which is designed to measure customer experience and loyalty.

“Feedback from our residents is incredibly important to us, and I encourage all of you to take the time to complete this survey as we continue to work toward improving our city,” Mayor Grover Robinson said. “We conduct this survey every year as part of the City of Pensacola’s continued commitment to listening to our residents. Your input will help us determine what’s most important to the people we serve every day and ensure we are providing the highest quality services as your local government.”

The city’s annual survey is being conducted by the University of West Florida Haas Center. All data obtained from participants will be kept confidential and will only be reported in an aggregate format (by reporting only combined results and never reporting individual ones).

There are two ways to take the survey:

Some questions in the survey were updated last year to align with the city’s strategic plan and gather resident feedback related to preserving historic culture, coordinating with neighborhood associations and more.

Only residents within City of Pensacola limits may complete the survey. Responses will be used to help the city balance priorities and improve services to maintain a high quality of life for Pensacola residents.