Claim numbers don’t add up

We asked Santa Rosa County PIO Joy Tsubooka about claims that have been paid.

“It is my understanding that in Florida as of yesterday morning- I don’t have any local numbers- BP has paid 543 claims for $107,000, which is a percentage of the amount of claims filed. Some are payments cash advances or other payments, but they are all still open. They said none are closed or denied. I don’t know how many total they have received, you would have to contact BP.” -Joy

Somebody is giving Tsubooka bad information. Her figures would mean BP is only paying an average of $197.05. I don’t fault Tsubooka. The $107K matches what State Sen. Dave Aronberg was told yesterday.

The IN called John Crabtree, spokesperson for BP at the Joint Command in Mobile. Crabtree said about 1,000 claims have been paid for $2.4 million – $2400 average. “That’s going to be all across the Gulf Area.”

When will BP release good information?