Updated Florida BP claim numbers

BP has had 768 claims in Florida and approximately $194,000 of those claims have been paid.
o Wage loss: 261 claims/$40,000
o Loss of income:
• Commercial: 102 claims/$26,249.99
• Business Interruption: 41 claims/$7,500
• Shrimper: 57 claims/$56,250
• Fisherman: 92 claims/$30,499.99
• Rental Property:125 claims/$2,280
• Charters: 78 claims/$31,120.00

The problem with these numbers is that they aren’t the same. I think BP is matching total number of claims made with the dollars paid out. We really need to know what are the value of the claims made. And how many of those claims have been paid.

For example (numbers not actual):
Shrimper 100 claims made, value $100,000; 25 claims paid, total paid $50,000

This game-playing needs to stop.