This is sacrilege, I know, but…. (Update)

Is the area’s new marketing effort – claiming seafood, beaches, water, etc are all fine–risky? Are we sure the seafood is okay? What tests have been done? If a person gets sick or suffers rashes from the water, who is liable? How long will the ads run and how long will everything be okay?

And doesn’t this play into BP’s hands? It definitely downplays the oil spill.

Folks, this really bothers me. I feel like I’m in the movie Jaws watching the town council and chamber say there is nothing to fear from sharks and getting angry when Sheriff Brody wants to shutdown the beach.

I can see Mike Wiggins in the Mayor Larry Vaughn role pushing locals to get in the water.

I hope the Chamber, Visit Florida and our elected officials are right – that the water, beaches and seafood are as fine as presented in this 30-sec. spot.

….I guess there goes my beach advertising.

I got an email from a tourism official who wrote “TV Spot was BP funded and managed. I doubt VisitFlorida even knows their logo is on the spot.”

So this is may be, as I suspected, pure BP propaganda. We will follow up on Monday with Visit Florida to confirm if they approved of this commercial.