Code enforcement has problems

This week Sheriff Ron McNesby took away the badges and arrest powers of the Code Enforcement officers. Why?
Because of the liability. The Bubbas have overstepped their authority and have two civil lawsuits.

Yesterday the county commission voted to fund the legal defense of Code Enforcement officers Charlie Walker and Steve Littlejohn in two civil lawsuits. In one suit, Carl R. Gilbert alleges he was arrested multiple times by code enforcement officials with assistance from Escambia County deputies despite being found not guilty of the charges by the State Attorney’s Office.

We had one report from a citizen that a code enforcement officer jumped his fence after the ECSO helicopter had been flying over his house repeatedly. He suspects the ECSO suspected the tomato plants he was growing in his backyard were pot. Code enforcement officers, according to the caller, don’t need search warrants.

I am not sure this is what the county commission intended when it expanded code enforcement.