Commissioner Steven Barry issues statement on IP explosion

Escambia County Commissioner Steven Barry represents District 5, where the International Paper mill is located.

“As a result of the events at the International Paper mill Sunday evening, I am greatly concerned about the well being and the livelihoods of my friends, neighbors and constituents who have been negatively impacted by the explosion.

While I understand the assessing of a major situation and the formulating of a healthy recovery path forward becomes increasingly difficult as an organization becomes larger, I expect that Escambia County will receive such information very soon.”


7 thoughts on “Commissioner Steven Barry issues statement on IP explosion

  1. when will IP complete the repairs and when will the mill restart operations? The rest is really eyewash.

  2. I live on woodbury i was hi ome for the explosion it sucked the doors to my shop open and shut and had enough force to take me off my feet, my wife was outside at the time and her too was taken off her feet. Moments later the BL/ash fell. I have many concerns about this toxic sludge and the clean up process. 1. Why are all the workers spanish and speak nno english is it because ip doesnt want any communications between us ? 2. How come know one knows how to properly clean this. Up.? 3. With this being used to break down wood whats going to happens to the tress around our homes. Obviously they are going to be effected. 4. With all the rain how much has seaped into our soil? And whats the long term effects.? 5. We all have walked on our lawns outside and then in our homes without thinking what kind of help is going to be offerd for removal of theses particals inside..and our cars? Over 69 people are hospitalized from this obviously its very harmful my wife has lupus and a very weakend system whats going to happen to her health. She wworks from home and cant do anhotel he will lose her job. And bills cant be meet? Whos going to help with that? These are questions everyone has and we need answers now. Stop trying to cover this shit up with bs were smarter then yall think!!! #onepissedoffresident

  3. When I was growing up, we would ride motorcycles, fish and hike all over behind Saufley Field. Back there we encountered 11 Mile Creek and played around the creek. To this day I can remember the smell and dark caramel color of the creek which flowed into Perdido River and Bay. A lot of times it would be really foamy and very smelly all the way down where we were and that was after that water had traveled several miles.

    To say that this plant has not done damage, lasting damage to our area is laughable at best. For years and years while they polluted our environment in the name of a few pay checks. I had friends that lived around the plant and when you commented about the smell, their parents said that it smelled like bacon and eggs. I can remember those comments as if they were yesterday.

  4. Agreed, He and Grover seem to be the real leaders of the Commission. Underhill is getting better and May and Bregosh are career politicians with little substance to their respective governance and policy decisions.

  5. I looked up “black liquor” on the Internet. It is hard to believe that anyone would claim it is a “harmless” industrial byproduct especially given that the crews hired to try to clean it up are all suited up. I was surprised to learn that black liquor is categorized as a “fuel.” One Department of Energy website included this disturbing sentence, “The process, however, produces a toxic byproduct referred to as black liquor.” Because we live on the coast surrounded by water and with lots of waterways within Escambia County, this sentence seems especially alarming, “Black liquor is quite toxic to aquatic life, and causes a very dark caramel color in the water.”

  6. *District 5, Rick.

    Commissioner Barry is an asset to the county, and we are thankful of the professionalism with which he represents District 5.

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