Complete Florida Plus audit completed, UWF disagrees with findings

This operational audit of the University of West Florida (University) focused on selected University processes and administrative activities and included a follow-up on findings noted in report No. 2017-081. The auditor disclosed the following:

Finding 1: The University subsequently withdrew amounts for additional administrative costs totaling $2.395 million from the Complete Florida Plus Program without apparent legal authority. In addition, during the 2017-18 fiscal year, the University did not maintain personnel activity reports or other records to support the purpose for and value of Program salary and benefit costs totaling $11.9 million.

Finding 2: University rules and records supporting University property, facilities, and personal services used by the University direct-support organizations could be improved.

Finding 3: Some unnecessary information technology user access privileges existed that increased the risk that unauthorized disclosure of sensitive personal information of students may occur.

In an email to Inweekly, UWF strongly disagreed with the Florida Auditor General’s findings.

  • UWF demonstrated clear authority to withdraw amounts for prior administrative costs for the Complete Florida Plus Program, in accordance with F.S. Section 1011.45 and BOG Regulation 9.007.
  • UWF also demonstrated that neither Florida Statutes nor the General Appropriation Act require the program to maintain personnel activity reports.
  • The University has operated legally and ethically, and we will continue to uphold our values by operating with integrity in all matters.

Read Audit report.

Inweekly will have more on the audit and the university’s response tomorrow.