Confederate flag may come up again at BCC

At the end of Committee of the Whole meeting yesterday, Commissioner Grover Robinson asked his fellow commissioners to reconsider its vote that replaced the City of Five Flags display at the Pensacola Bay Center with the U.S. flag.

“There are two places we can go with how we recognize our history and our flags,” said Robinson. “Either we are consistent with our buildings, which is where we went, or we’re consistent with where the city of Pensacola has history.”

He said that had several people tell him that they didn’t come to the meeting to speak because they weren’t aware the board was considering removing all the flags except the U.S. flag.

“I ask that we reconsider it some time in the future,” said Robinson. “We should be consistent with the city of Pensacola in whatever we do.”

Board chairman Steven Barry said that he had no problem with the board discussing anything that a commissioner wishes to bring up. There was no indication that Commissioner Lumon May and Doug Underhill were going to change their votes, but no one voiced opposition to discussing the flags again. No one mentioned flying the Confederate battle flag. If a Confederate flag is brought back to the county property, it will more than likely be the one flown by the city of Pensacola.

No votes were taken, and no announcement was made when the issue would be reconsidered.