Brown offered three-year contract, $170K

The Escambia Board of County Commissioners voted yesterday to give County Administrator Jack Brown a three-year contract with two one-year extensions and an annual salary of $170,000. Board chairman Steven Barry was directed to work out the details, such as severance, and bring a contract back to the board in January.

Brown is operating under a one-year contract that expires this summer. His current salary is $150,000.

Commissioner Wilson Robertson made the motion. “I would like to see us take board action, rather than beating this to death,” said Robinson.

Robinson said that he looked at the administrator salaries of comparable counties and discussed it with the county attorney. He said, “I think we should base his salary on the average of the comparable counties, which is $170,000 a year.”

Commissioner Grover Robinson seconded the motion. He said, “Jack has done a good job, and I support what has been brought forward.”

Robinson added, “(Brown) has to have some stability or he is not going to be able to hire top people.”

The motion passed 5-0.