Constitution Revision Commission moves forward 25 proposals

The Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) held a floor session of the full Commission this week from Monday, March 19–Wednesday, March 21. Upon adjournment, Commissioners voted to commit 25 proposals to the CRC’s Style & Drafting Committee.

Pursuant to the Rules of the Commission, the Style & Drafting Committee has several responsibilities which include clarifying, codifying, and arranging the proposals adopted by the Commission; the potential grouping of proposals; and the drafting of ballot title summaries.

The full Commission will reconvene for its final floor session in April (dates to be determined) to vote on the proposals returned from the Style & Drafting Committee. All proposals must secure at least 22 votes to be placed on the 2018 General Election Ballot by the CRC.

List of the 25 proposals committed to the Style & Drafting Committee:

  • Proposal 3: “DECLARATION OF RIGHTS, Basic rights; possession of real property”
  • Proposal 6: “JUDICIARY, Judicial interpretation of statutes and rules”
  • Proposal 9: “EXECUTIVE, Department of Veterans’ Affairs”
  • Proposal 10: “EDUCATION, Civic literacy in public education”
  • Proposal 11: “SUFFRAGE AND ELECTIONS, Primary, general, and special elections; electors voting in partisan primary elections”
  • Proposal 12: “MISCELLANEOUS, delete high speed ground transportation system”
  • Proposal 13: “LOCAL GOVERNMENT, Counties; election of county officers”
  • Proposal 20: “MISCELLANEOUS, Repeal of criminal statutes”
  • Proposal 26: “EXECUTIVE, Cabinet”
  • Proposal 29: “MISCELLANEOUS, creates s. 30”
  • Proposal 37: “MISCELLANEOUS, Naming of governmental programs and government-owned buildings and other facilities”
  • Proposal 39: “GENERAL PROVISIONS, Ethics in government; JUDICIARY, Ethics in the judiciary Prohibited activities; SCHEDULE, creates new section”
  • Proposal 41: “JUDICIARY, Eligibility; age increase”
  • Proposal 43: “EDUCATION, School districts; school boards; SCHEDULE”
  • Proposal 44: “EDUCATION, State University System”
  • Proposal 71: “EDUCATION, School districts; school boards”
  • Proposal 49: “MISCELLANEOUS, creates new section”
  • Proposal 54: “MISCELLANEOUS, Prohibition on limitations on health care facilities and services”
  • Proposal 65: “MISCELLANEOUS, Workplaces without tobacco smoke or vapor”
  • Proposal 67: “MISCELLANEOUS, Prohibition of wagering on greyhound or other dog races”
  • Proposal 83: “EDUCATION, State College System”
  • Proposal 91: “GENERAL PROVISIONS, Natural resources and scenic beauty”
  • Proposal 93: “EDUCATION, School districts; school boards; charter districts”
  • Proposal 96: “DECLARATION OF RIGHTS, Rights of accused and of victims”
  • Proposal 103: “LEGISLATURE, Sessions of the legislature”


To watch the floor session held this week, visit the Florida Channel’s website which has a page dedicated to all CRC meetings. Complete transcripts will be available online at as soon as possible.