Contact info to schedule vaccination at Olive Baptist and Milton Community Center

In Escambia County, the first series of clinics in January will take place in the gym of Olive Baptist Church at 1836 East Olive Road from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. In Santa Rosa County, the vaccination clinic will be located in the basketball gym of Milton Community Center at 5329 Byrom Street in Milton.

The vaccinations must be scheduled in advance:

Persons without an appointment will not be eligible to get the vaccine.

Councilwoman Sherri Myers called to say the appointment process is smooth and simple.

“I was really depressed and frustrated trying to use the health department process yesterday,” said Myers. “But I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed with the new system. I called and have my appointment for tomorrow afternoon.”

Last night, Commissioner Lumon May told Inweekly that the pilot vaccination program held on Sunday at Brownsville Community Center vaccinated over 580 people. The FDOH Escambia had purchased additional vaccines to help.

May said, “I couldn’t be prouder how well the program went. Once again, the Brownsville Community Center came through for the community, thanks to help of FDOH, Community Health, Florida National Guard and county and state employees.”




5 thoughts on “Contact info to schedule vaccination at Olive Baptist and Milton Community Center

  1. CJ,
    Please reread the posts. I’ve given you “News Reporting 101.”

    The “445 appointments made, three no-shows and five walk-ins” was a report given by Eric Gilmore at 8:45 a.m. The walk-ins were accepted because FDOH provided additional vaccines to help – which is in my post. No vaccines were “spoiled” because they were Moderna vaccines – also posted by me.

    People were checked by ids at the door on Sunday. I don’t know about your “friend” – definitely not “News Reporting 101” to use hearsay. was NewsRadio’s source on the appointment links – good reporting (101?) on William Reynold’s part that all of us followed.

    The Brownsville event appears to have become a catalyst for more mobile vaccination sites in the area. It definitely motivated the governor to step up his efforts, as evidenced by his Monday presser – which I also reported.

    We’ve got over 300,000 residents in the Escambia County. We need to work together to get them vaccinated. We will learn more with each round of vaccinations.


  2. Well, yesterday we were told here that there were 500 appointment slots, 445 appointments made, three no-shows and five walk-ins for what would be 447 vaccinations and 53 unused vaccines. How did it get up to “over 580” vaccinations as reported here? Why wasn’t the public not told that they would take walk-ins? Were the unused vaccines if any spoiled or can they be reused. These questions seem like News Reporting 101. A friend was told that a person who was 62 years old (my age) got the vaccine at the Brownsville event. If true, how could that even happen? Kudos to Councilwoman Myers who found the right website for tomorrow’s vaccination event at Olive Baptist Church on the NewsRadio 1620 website. She included us among those she called early this morning to get out of bed to go online and register. My wife was able to get an appointment for 4:35 pm tomorrow. The site went off-line a little later presumably all 1000 appointments now set. I vote that we put Sherri Myers in charge of the city’s COVID-19 response, well before she becomes mayor in November 2022 presuming she still intends to run. She’s all “action.” Robinson is all about making excuses. I was right to vote for Brian Spencer.

  3. I registered this morning. I had some problem but it finally provided an appointment for tomorrow. It is only for over 65. I have also registered with Escambia County Health Department, but haven’t heard back from them. I tried to register my husband as well but I think they were out of slots because the link didn’t work anymore. Hope it all goes smoothly.

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