Council member avoids discussion of $9.6M Bayview center

Councilwoman Jewel Cannada-Wynn held a westside town hall meeting last night at the Fricker Center. She  talked about the budget and listened to the crowd of about 30 people talk about the need for sidewalks, lighting and affordable housing.

However, Cannada-Wynn refused to discuss the proposed Bayview Community Resource Center that is currently $3.6 million over the FY 2017 budget.

A handful of attendees did not want to see the center completed. Instead, they want an immediate end to construction and reallocation of the Local Option Sales Tax funds.

Cannada-Wynn avoided questions and comments regarding the Bayview Community Center. She insisted that any further remarks should be taken up with her in a private meeting or with the Mayor.

Dan Lindemann, owner of A & J Muggs, walked away from the meeting disappointed. He wrote on the blog, “I went to the meeting and learned that my councilwoman does not care what we want and that she will vote the way she wants. That’s what she said.”

He added,”I wish I was kidding.”

There must be Bayview Community Center Club among Pensacola City Council members.

Of course, the first rule of the club is “You do not talk about  the Bayview Center.”

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6 thoughts on “Council member avoids discussion of $9.6M Bayview center

  1. Tom….there has been no honesty, integrity or transparency in our city government for a number of decades now. Pensacola is a very tight knit Oligarchy and has been since the day I moved here in 1975.

  2. You know as well as everyone else in her district, Jewel will warm that chair as long as she wants.

  3. Please run against her next time. It is time the constituents of the District have a leader that understands the issues of concern for the constituents and a champion for constituents’ concern. Do us all a favor.

  4. Thank you Rick for exposing these politicians. We need checks and balances in government otherwise they will all be accepting crock pots full of cash. I do not understand why our other local media outlets and the mullet wrapper refuse to report on the important issues and ask the tough questions. If I was a reporter I would be camped out on city halls steps. Who is pulling their strings?

  5. Yep.. I was there.. the entire meeting was about what she wanted… not what the people who spoke up
    for our communities…
    And an interesting note.. that white elephant – the new proposed community center… nearly 400 bucks a square foot….
    She said that the new center would bring water sports back to the city… why can’t water sports take place from Bruce Beach?

  6. I was thinking the other day about the commissioner who accepted a crock pot full of cash for a yes vote on the sale of some county property. Remember. He was found dead underneath a house after allegedly drinking anti freeze. Tragic and almost comical. You can not make this stuff up. And now our city council members bury their heads in the sand when citizens want to know how their money is being spent. Everyone and I mean everyone in city government is only looking out for themselves. There is no more honesty, integrity, transparency, in our city government. Lets get rid of all of the puppets and jellyfish. This is NOT how local government is supposed to work. Fill the chambers.

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