Council supports bottle clubs

With 6-3 vote (DeSorbo absent), the Pensacola City Council ignored the requests of its Police Chief and downtown business owners and residents and reversed its earlier decision to close bottle clubs at 3 a.m. like other nightspots –one’s that actually have liquor licenses.

According to the PNJ: “In the end, the majority of the council said that while they didn’t care for the activity that may be going on with the downtown bar and club scene, it’s city police’s responsibility to address those issues and not the right of the council to shutdown a business.”

The council passes ordinances for the betterment of the community – business owners make adjustments to those laws or they shutdown. It is their choice. This happens in cities all over the country every day.

This council says it has a great vision for Pensacola. I don’t understand what that vision is.