County may get curbside recycling Jan. 1, 2009

From Francesca Maxime:


It is with utmost pride and joy, that I’m writing to share the fantastic news that the ECUA Citizens Committe – which includes the 5 current ECUA Board Members – UNANIMOUSLY voted to APPROVE curbside recycling for ALL of Escambia County, starting January 1, 2009. All ratepayers will be given a free recycling bin, and have a once a week garbage collection, and a once a week curbside recycling collection. They will be charged *$1.65- LESS than their current bill,* for this service. Recyclables to include will be:
• Aluminum (cans only)
• Steel tin (cans only)
• Corrugated cardboard
• Mixed dry paper – including magazines, junk mail and paperboard
• Newspapers and inserts
• Plastics #1, #2, #3, through #7

Glass – at this time – is NOT to be recycled via curbside, because of breakage concerns… but that may change after getting the program underway. Glass will still need to be brought to one of Escambia County’s drop-off locations, which are listed. They include Everman’s Grocery Downtown, Summit Boulevard, etc…

In addition, ECUA has picked up waste – and curbside recycling collection – for the Northern part of Escambia County, which until now, has been serviced by Allied Waste. That means there will be curbside recycling for EVERYONE in the County… with the exception of the City of Pensacola, which, at the moment, is conducting a very successful PILOT curbside recycling program in East Hill. Depending on what happens with the Government Consolidation talks that have been going on, perhaps the City will become part of this larger geographic effort ECUA has attained, with the curbside recycling issue.

This comprehensive curbside recycling program in Escambia County REPLACES the “tiered” program some of you may remember ECUA had initially opted for, in late Spring. Many had complained it was a great effort, but still too confusing and perhaps as a consequence, perhaps destined to fail.

I know I’ve worked very hard on the curbside recycling issue here, and we, as members of PYP and concerned citizens in Escambia County, have been – and are – being credited with continuing to emphasize the need for a cleaner and greener Greater Pensacola area…. and WE GOT IT! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who’s been voicing their concerns to the ECUA, the County, the City, and various other influential area leaders.

The ECUA Board meets *NEXT THURSDAY, October 23rd, at 3pm, *to essentially “rubber stamp” today’s unanimous Citizens Committee decision. The public may attend this meeting. I encourage you to go, and applaud the efforts of the ECUA board members and staff, in making this possible, as well as complimenting the County Sanitation Department, including Sandra Jennings and Jim Howes. If you can’t attend that meeting, write a note, or drop a line to those involved: their contact information (phone numbers and emails) can be found at:
* and*

/Now, let’s get to work on Santa Rosa County! And, BUSINESSES in the City, such as restaurants and bars, who could perhaps implement better recycling efforts on-site./

Keep the Gulf Coast Green: Recycle!