Court Order: Hayward can have individual council members go through his office, Myers pays her legal fees

In the suit Sherri Myers v. Ashton Hayward, Judge Scott Duncan found that the Mayor’s policy limiting council members communications with city staff is too board by being addressed his memo to the entire council and not individual members. The Council has the power per the charter to make legislative inquiries.

However, he wrote in his court order that the mayor has the authority to enact a policy that requires communications by individual City Council members to City employees be made solely through the Mayor’s office, unless communications are good faith, bona fide inquiries or investigations.

Judge Duncan denied Myers’ request that the city pay her legal fees because “it is far from clear that the Plaintiff may be considered a ‘prevailing party,'” the City was not a named party and the Myers failed to demonstrate that the suit arose of out of her official duties.

Read Duncan order.