Mayor Ashton Hayward on court ruling

“I appreciate Judge Duncan’s wisdom and his ruling today in support of my policy. As I have said before, and Judge Duncan confirmed today, the Charter is very clear on this point: Communications by individual Council members to City employees must be made solely through the Mayor. My memorandum did not seek to limit the power of the City Council as a legislative body, or an individual Council member authorized by the full Council, to make good faith, bona fide investigations or inquiries as provided in the Charter.

“It’s not fair to City employees to be put on the spot, pushed or pulled, or put in uncomfortable or inappropriate situations. This policy puts in place a simple and reasonable system to protect them. Next week, I will reach out to Councilwoman Myers, and I hope we can continue to build our relationship and work together to move our City forward. I value her ideas, her input, and her experience, and I am delighted to put this issue behind us. Now is the time to move forward together.”