Demolition Ordinance removed from Pensacola Council agenda

Proposed Amendment to Section 12-12-5 of the LDC – Historic Building Demolition Review has been removed from this evening’s 1/12/17 City Council Agenda by its sponsor, Brian Spencer, City Council President.

In relaying why this agenda item is being removed, Council President Spencer said,

“It is because I am pro-business, pro-growth, and an advocate for responsible redevelopment,
that I have chosen to postpone taking action on this agenda item in its current draft format. I will be seeking input from additional citizens, property owners, and business owners that were unaware of two public workshops previously conducted by the City Planning Board.

“Hopefully, the attendance will be represented by a broad section of stakeholders from the historical preservationist community as well as the development sector. In order to maximize the
opportunity for input, I intend to schedule meetings outside daily business hours.

My ultimate goal is to author a proposal that meets the expectations of the workshop participants and most importantly protects the characteristics that differentiate Pensacola from ‘Any Town, USA’.”


5 thoughts on “Demolition Ordinance removed from Pensacola Council agenda

  1. “Proposed Amendment to Section 12-12-5 of the LDC – Historic Building Demolition Review has been removed from this evening’s 1/12/17 City Council Agenda by its sponsor, Brian Spencer, City Council President.”
    We must stop right here. City Council President Brian Spencer authored a building construction item which must, by law, be addressed in Florida Statute 553 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS and, instead, he put it in the local Land Development Code (LDC) the local zoning code. This is illegal according to Florida Law. The Florida Legislature has designated Florida Statutes contained in chapter 553, Building Construction Standards, as the only authorized construction regulations authorized and officially recognized in Florida.
    In order to scam individuals and the public as a whole, City Officials and City Council Members routinely illegally pretend that they can use the Land Development Code (LDC) Chapter Sec. 14-1-3 to create, modify and delete Building Construction Standards and force these illegal rules on us for their personal gain, or to commit grand theft against some or all of us, etc. This illegal policy appears to involve several felonies as defined in Florida Statutes.
    City Officials routinely illegally appoint and reappoint members to Pensacola Advisory Boards with a conflict of interest, most in the development field and use these illegally composed Boards to advance illegal practices. Many members of the planning boards are illegal due to conflict of interest rules and, in applying for and accepting a position on an advisory board, commit perjury according to Florida Statutes. One Pensacola Advisory Board, The Pensacola Planning Board illegally makes and/or approves the changes, deletions or additions to the LDC which City Officials then illegally use as the official building code. In my case, City Officials had the Planning Board amend the LDC to require a new Certificate of Occupancy on change of tenant when the official building code stated that a new CO was not appropriate if the classification stayed the same – which ours did. Then City Officials illegally forced this false regulation, the LDC, on us to steal our life savings, building materials and historic artifacts. It appears they are planning to illegally change the demolition regulations for their own purposes. City Officials have used this illegal policy for over 20 years to give unelected boards and unelected City Officials authority over private property owners to force them into submitting to demands harmful to them resulting in City Officials, City Council Members and Board members apparently committing more felonies.
    I repeatedly reported these illegal actions to the Pensacola City Council, Pensacola Police Chief, the Escambia County Sheriff, the State Attorney, and the last 3 Florida Governors. All of these individuals stood firmly behind the requirements of the invalid and false LDC in denying my official request for City Officials to obey the law (either the Standard Building Code or Florida Statute 553) and leave me and my historic property alone.
    Chapter 553 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS 553.73 Florida Building Code.—
    (1)(a) The commission shall adopt, by rule pursuant to ss. 120.536(1) and 120.54, the Florida Building Code which shall contain or incorporate by reference all laws and rules which pertain to and govern the design, construction, erection, alteration, modification, repair, and demolition of public and private buildings, structures, and facilities and enforcement of such laws and rules, except as otherwise provided in this section.
    553.72 Intent.— (paragraph (3) requires state and local government enforcement agencies to enforce 553. State and local government enforcement agencies have refused in violation of Florida Law.)
    (3) It is the intent of the Legislature that the Florida Building Code be adopted, modified, updated, interpreted, and maintained by the Florida Building Commission in accordance with ss. 120.536(1) and 120.54 and enforced by authorized state and local government enforcement agencies.

  2. I do focus on where I live and on Pensacola. Unfortunately, I still focus on Pensacola because of the injustice and inequity in Pensacola still affects many of my friends and good people of Pensacola … and their “voices” have been muted by the social, civic and personal challenges that ALWAYS happen to people of Pensacola that “speaks out.”

    Fortunately or Unfortunately, I have experienced the “fallout” from being outspoken about the clear pattern of “systemic” lapses in inclusive governance and failed public policies that exacerbates the socio-economic disparities between the “haves and have nots” in Pensacola.

    You may not like me nor support my “commentary” – however, someone has to say it for those that are too scared to and/or have no platform to have their voices heard.

    Clearly, your praise for BS’s, BS withdrawal is admirable or gullible depending on your true identity, however, Stevie Wonder (or anyone with an understanding of the Pensacola GOB system) would clearly know that BS’s ordinance had the potential to harm Fred Levin’s sale of Hallmark – and “that wasn’t good” for BS’s “interests” (politically and economically) in Pensacola.

    Furthermore, you would probably be surprised to know that, I DO support Fred Levin’s attempt to demolish this property and turn it into more residential for community growth. I am all for development and community growth and “hope” such enhancements provide opportunities to ALL people regardless of race, gender or orientation.

  3. “representing the City vs his own agenda”… Well, in the eleventh hour I guess anything is possible… right Johnny Dogood? I guess Spencer woke up today and decided to care…

  4. I admire the fact that he is responding to the criticism and representing the City vs his own agenda.

    George you need to go focus on wherever it is you live and take your focus off Pensacola. I have heard plenty about you and your history. You are no saint.

  5. No, BS, that’s BS. You got your hand spanked by Uncle Fred. Everybody knows. LOL.

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