Hayward administration scrambles on Tanyards project

The City of Pensacola is placing hangars on doors in the neighborhood around the Government Street Stormwater Project.

Dr. Gloria Horning told Inweekly, “The city is in our neighborhood passing out flyers right now about the city meeting tonight. I guess in response to Eric saying they went door-to-door.”


1 thought on “Hayward administration scrambles on Tanyards project

  1. FYI:
    1. I just returned from the monthly city meeting and what did I find on my door – a door hanger about how great this park is going to be.
    2. The Tanyard update was the last item on the printed agenda. The agenda I downloaded for tonight there is no mention we were item 47.
    3. The solution for ” for the next community project is the winning bidding contractor will be held to evaluations standards.”
    Rules, regulations, record keeping are in the federal, state, county and city laws. The lack of ENFORCEMENT is the problem! This contruction site is an environmental disaster.
    Can’t wait to see the end product. It better be good! We’ve been in hell and still are.

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