Deputy fire chief also sues Pensacola mayor individually

Yesterday, former Deputy Fire Chief Joe Glover’s attorney and the attorneys representing the City of Pensacola filed a joint motion to dismiss City Administrator Eric Olson, Chief Human Resources Officer Ed Sisson, Assistant Human Resources Manager Tracy Walsh, and Assistant City Manager Keith Wilkins from his federal lawsuit against the City of Pensacola.

However, the attorneys kept Ashton Hayward as defendant in his individual capacity.

For more background on the issues, read “Fired Chiefs: A Cloud That Hangs Over City Hall.”


1 thought on “Deputy fire chief also sues Pensacola mayor individually

  1. Great move by Joe Glover’s attorneys that follows Judge Vinson’s precedence. Clearly, the Mayor has been making those “clowns” take the actions based upon his personal agenda against the Chiefs who had filed an EEOC that could expose Ashton’s discriminatory practices and make him look more incompetent.

    With Ashton’s narcissistic personality, he was afraid of the Glover because of his quest for pay equity and knew Glover would not “play the Mayor’s Game” of hiring and elevating people that are willing to be “yes men/women” because they aren’t qualified for their respective city jobs and are only been placed in the job because they have “sold their soul to the Mayor.”

    Chiefs Schmidt and Glover had too much integrity and professional credibility for the Mayor’s “Boss” personality. He knew that neither of the MOST SENIOR fire fighters was interested in becoming the Mayor’s “Fire Chief Clown.” These men are respected “public safety professionals” dedicated to saving lives and following procedures for the public’s safety and would never blindly follow the Mayor.

    However, the Mayor also knew that he had “Chief Cut and Run” who is “professionally flawed” based upon his professional history, BUT, he has been “kissing arse” for years and He was fully willing to help try to discredit “the men who stood ahead of him for the Chiefs job,” in order to get Glover and Schmidt terminated and out of the fire department. The Mayor knew Chief Cut and Run would do and say anything to get these guys out and himself in the job.

    Unfortunately for Ashton and the “Clowns Olson and Sisson” (none of them are the “sharpest knife in the drawer”), they forgot that the City has HR procedures, appeals processes and open records laws – they were “just going to do what we want and fire these Chief’s because they dared to file a EEOC Complaint.”

    Then as usual, Clown Olson suffered from “premature ejaculation in the media’ and told the “truth” – before the Mayor and his Clowns and “legal court jesters” figured out the “end game,” nor did they begin cover their “paper trail,” nor did they consider the laws that protect employees.

    The most detrimental to the taxpayers was the fact that, the Mayor NEVER figured that Chief Glover would retain one of the most respected and successful EEOC and employee plaintiff law firms in the country that would sue him personally AND GET THE COURT TO AGREE that he is personally liable. Worse yet for the taxpayers is, “the City Council” just may waive attorney conflicts of interests and allow the City and the Mayor to have the same lawyer or PAY for his.

    The Mayor has made many mistakes and bad decisions and dealt in questionable ethics, however, this one here is by far the most ridiculously bad decisions of his entire Mayoral terms.

    Ashton, then did what he does best, “make a horrible miscalculations that lead to self-serving decision that costs the taxpayers.” He decided (with the collusion of his 2 “Head Clowns” that are consistently “stuck on stupid”) that he would fire the Chiefs and install Chief Cut and Run as PFD leader.

    The Mayor thought it was “smart” to fire Chief Glover for reasons – not based upon poor performance, not based upon City HR policies, not based upon a terminable offense, not based upon numerous previous infractions – but, because the Chief Glover, “took a FREE UPGRADE OF A RENTAL CAR that was rented to drive to take care of CITY business.”

    And this was the Mayor’s “bright idea” that now he has to explain to the Federal Court – paid for courtesy of Pensacola taxpayers.

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