Did Save Our City tackle the wrong issue?

eyeFor over 18 months, Save Our City had the City of Pensacola and most of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties embroiled in a debate over a waterfront park that would require a $42 million bond issue that would be paid back with CRA revenues. The park would have zero impact on the property tax bills for their homes.

Last night, the Escambia County Commission passed a huge budget that had a $31+ million increase in property tax revenues. Every business and home in Escambia County was effected.

Where was Save Our City? Shouldn’t this have been their issue? Where were the petition drives and fiery speeches on the courthouse steps? Where were the BLAB TV shows exposing how county funds are being spent? Where was WCOA’s Luke McCoy? Where were the economic analyses of C.C. Elebash and P.A. Ucci on the county budget? Where were the letters to editor?

Save Our City wasted its political capital and funds fighting the wrong fight. Their opponent shouldn’t have been Quint Studer, UWF Pres. John Cavanaugh or the memories of Jack Fetterman and Vince Whibbs. SOC should have tackled Escambia County government and our property tax bills. They would have really made a difference and actually helped the taxpayers.