Escambia Co. says “We’re keeping the money”

scream Last night the Escambia County Commission refused to rollback the ad valorem tax rate and kept the biggest single year property tax revenue increase in the history of Escambia County – $31+ million. As property values have skyrocketed across the state, other county commissions have cut back their millage rates.

The St. Pete Times reports today that the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously for the largest rollback in their history -.5816 mill, which saves someone living in a house worth $150,000 about $150 in taxes.

“We’ve heard the people,” said Commissioner Brian Blair. “They’re hurting right now, and they want significant budget cuts.”

The only commissioner that showed any concern for the plight of the Escambia County homeowner was Tom Banjanin…I may not like his overall performance as commissioner, but Tom was right on this issue. And what’s worse is the money isn’t being spent on our real problems – public health and affordable housing. It’s going to code enforcement, pay raises and an ever-expanding bureaucracy.

We can’t get Gene Valentino and Grover Robinson into office soon enough.

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