District 3 campaign expenses

Let’s contrast District 7 with District 3. Maren DeWeese beat incumbent Mike DeSorbo, 2,541 to 2,220. DeSorbo spent in more in mailouts than DeWeese did in total. Heck, his advertising budget was almost as much as DeWeese’s total.

Lesson: Money doesn’t win single member district races in the City of Pensacola.

Maren DeWeese, Total: $2,896.85;
City of Pensacola: $189.98, Qualifying Fee
BPM: $704.69, Yard Signs
Gulf Coast Community Bank: $16.22, Checks
Escambia County General Fund: $20.00, Voter Lists
BPM: $796.25, Printing
Evergreen Marketing, $464.13, Mailing services
BPM: $232.20, Banners
IN Weekly: $425, Ad
Vowells Printing: $48.38, Copies

Mike DeSorbo, Total $11,857.77
Qualifying: $189.98
Advertising: $2,626.25
Bank Fees: $19.50
Refreshment (Wife): $61.33
Petty cash: $50.00
Mailouts: $3,386.08
Office supplies: $437.67
Postage: $768.34
Printing: $3,962.62
Signs: $321.00
Supervisor of Elections: $35.00

DeSorbo Expenditure Breakdown: desorbo.pdf