District 7 campaign expenses

Incumbent Ronald Townsend will be facing off against Hallmark Elementary teacher Jacci Shumaker on Nov. 25 for Pensacola City Council, District 7. Townsend spent over a quarter of his campaign funds on reimbursing family and friends for working on his campaign.

Shumaker was very frugal spending only 25 percent of what Townsend did. Andrews spent nearly as much as Townsend and had the backing of Sam Hall and Movement for Change.

Ronald Townsend-Total $3,701.71; 1,281 votes
Qualifying: $189.98
Civic Groups: $340
Graphic design: $60
Radio ad: $300
Put up signs: $250
Printing: $1,761.73
Campaign workers: $425
Family: $375

Jacci Shumaker-Total $907.76; 1,063 votes
Qualifying: $189.98
Postcards: $343.03
Signs: $374.75

Robbie Andrews-Total $3079.33; 682 votes
Qualifying: $50.00
Supervisor of Elections: $30
Tee Shirts for campaign: $105
Being in MFC parade: $25
Office supplies: $93.49
NSF: $27.50
Stamps: $210
Business cards: $59.14
Signs: $1,481.70
Flyers: $797.50
WE Vote Fish Fry: $200

Townsend Expenditures: townsend.pdf

Andrews Expenditures: andrews.pdf