District GOP voters sticking with Gaetz

Florida Politics reports a recent poll of GOP Florida panhandle voters found 63% believe Congressman Matt Gaetz believe he isn’t guilty of sex-trafficking and 72% say he shouldn’t resign. The poll was conducted by the Republican polling group Victory Insights that called 400 registered Republican voters on Friday, April 9.

If Gaetz resigned or was forced out of office, who would take his place? According to Victory Insights, the race for the GOP nomination is wide open with nearly 59% undecided or favoring someone who is not in the poll.

The top five favorites:

Sen. Doug Broxson – 17.6%
Business Chris Dosev, who has run twice against Gaetz – 7.2%
State CFO Jimmy Patronis – 4.9%
U.S. Attorney Larry Keefe – 3.8%
State Rep. Alex Andrade and attorney Doug Bates – 2.8% (tie)


2 thoughts on “District GOP voters sticking with Gaetz

  1. Local GOP, also support Trump who believes that people in power can do anything they want to anybody, including women and in Geatz case, children.

  2. In other news:

    Panhandle GOP voters also overwhelmingly believe the Earth is flat, the Moon is made of cheese, and Wily E. Coyote is going to catch the Roadrunner one day…

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