DOH: Escambia spike due to increased testing

DOH Escambia PIO Christine Freer told Inweekly that the agency appreciates our desire to better understand and analyze the data, but…

“The increase in number of positive cases is a result of Florida’s greatly expanded efforts in testing for COVID-19,” she said. “As more testing is done, there will be an increase of positive cases of COVID-19.”

Freer added, “However, it’s important to note that while testing has increased, the overall positivity rate remains low. As of June 3, the positivity rate was approximately 3.5%.”

That’s their story and they’re sticking to its.

Inweekly had hoped for a more informative analysis. Other health departments have been tied outbreaks to specific events and locations.

The CDC has traced a large outbreak in Chicago to family gatherings. Buncombe, N.C. health officials officially linked a local COVID-19 outbreak to funerals. A funeral was also discovered to be the cause of an outbreak in Albany, Ga. Officials found a local farm was the source of an outbreak in Multnomah County, Ore.

Why can’t DOH Escambia give us similar analysis?

BTW: Testing didn’t increase this past week.

From Saturday, May 30-Thursday, June 4, DOH Escambia entered 2,178 test results and had 75 positive  cases – 3.4% – which may not seem insignificant until you look at the previous week.

From Saturday, May 23-Thursday, May 28, the county entered 3,071 test results and had 44 positive  cases – 1.4% – the impression we had was the positive cases are trending down, but that apparently isn’t the case.

Maybe today’s report will have fewer positives.


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  1. Every day, the Mississippi Delta is etched in my soul…and the hot tamales. :-)

  2. Good luck getting the local authorities telling you the truth. The state is more interested in seeing that the rich keep making money than keeping mostly lower income essential workers healthy. Workers who are being forced to go to work while the well to do shelter in place.

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