Don’t feel sorry for BP

In the last few days, BP has won the exploration rights to Siberia and has been given oil exploration permits off the Australian coast.
Rosnef, leader of Russia’s petroleum industry, struck an $8 billion share-swap and wide-ranging cooperation agreement with the BP last Friday —with the blessing of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

BP and Rosneft will work together in the exploration and development of a 125,000-square-kilometer area of the Kara Sea on Russia’s Arctic continental shelf — one of the world’s last remaining unexplored basins. This is the first time a foreign company has been granted such extensive access to Russia’s Arctic resources.

The Australian permit allows BP to explore to depths exceeding 15,000 feet (4,600 meters) off the coast of South Australia state.

Remember how last month stories were planted in the media that BP might not survive the Gulf Coast disaster? Another lie planted by the BP spin machine.