Dosev ready to take on Gaetz again

Cris Dosev has filed to run against Congressman Matt Gaetz in 2018. Last year, Dosev placed third behind Gaetz and State Sen. Greg Evers in the GOP primary:

Matt Gaetz 36.1% 35,689
Greg Evers 21.8% 21,540
Cris Dosev 20.9% 20,610

Another four candidates split the rest of the vote.

During the Republican Congressional debates, Dosev provided several fireworks as he challenged the frontrunner Gaetz:

From July 30 debate at Milton High School:

Dosev said to Gaetz: “…when you talk about killing Muslim terrorists let me tell you what, you’re not going to be killing any Muslim terrorists. I’ve already talked to you about this. My son with 3rd battalion 6th Marines. He may be killing Muslim terrorists, but let me tell you, when folks talk about these things and the way you’ve discussed it both on your ads and in the paper are irresponsible and juvenile. We’re not playing ‘Call of Duty’ here. This is serious business and people that have been in this business understand it to be so.”


2 thoughts on “Dosev ready to take on Gaetz again

  1. I’ll vote for anyone who DOES NOT SUPPORT TRUMP OR ANY OF HIS MINDLESS SUPPORTERS, THAT INCLUDES BABY GAETZ. I do hope Mr. Dosev will not support doing away with the Federal EPA, Department of Education, and firing the special Prosecutors. Trump needs to go, just like Baby Gaetz.

  2. I think that while Dosev is an honorable man we right now need to have our vision moved forward. Matt Gaetz is doing that. He is SUPPORTING OUR PRESIDENT and that will translate in support for our area. We need to clean up the garbage and swamp of Washington. Establishment thinking politicians need to be removed with new approaches and thinking. The old ways got is 19 TRILLION in Debt, broken down schools, broken down infrastructure, broken down international relations, and so on. IT IS A FAILURE ON ALL POINTS.

    Sorry Mr. Dosev, you are the right guy at the WRONG time.

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