Eagan’s letter

Here is the letter from Tim Eagan in which he says that he will drop the petition. He says that he has a “passion” for the Park and the Port developments. Eagan doesn’t say why he ran to the media on Tuesday and claimed that he was pressured into signing an agreement to drop the petition. He writes about his frustration that “provoked me to take the hard-line position as it related to the petition drive.” When was he provoked — before he met with the city attorney and Councilman Sam Hall? During the meeting? After the meeting?

Eagan told the PNJ, “I got to the point (in the meeting with Hall) where I felt borderline threatened. ” He also told the daily paper that he started the petition drive because he does not think the city has adequately disclosed its funding plan.

This whole circus smells. From Eagan’s initially approaching the City, the agreement, running to the media and now this letter. Read Eagan Letter