Time for strong leadership

Mayor Wiggins and the Pensacola City Council need to call a special meeting and vote to continue with the bond issue asap. All bond issues since 1931 have been subject to possible petition drives and were allowed to proceed.

I can’t find in the city charter or ordinances where the city manager has the power to delay the issuance of the bonds once the council has voted.

Sec. 3-1-9. Requirements for issuance of bonds.
(a) Procedures and requirements.
(1) The city council of the city shall have the power to provide by resolution for the issuance and sale of revenue or excise tax bonds and certificates or any other bonds or certificates not secured by ad valorem taxation, so as to provide money to finance the acquisition, construction, improvement and operation of any utility, facility, enterprise, work, undertaking or project which the city is authorized by law to acquire, construct, improve or operate, or for any other municipal purpose or purposes, and to provide that the bonds and certificates and interest thereon shall be payable from the revenues to be derived by the city from the operation of the same or a combination of any or all of the utilities, facilities, enterprises, works, undertakings or projects, or from any other sources of pledged security except ad valorem taxes. The resolution may be adopted at a regular or special meeting by a majority vote of the council and at the same meeting at which it is introduced, to take effect immediately upon its passage. It is determined and declared as a matter of legislative intent that no election to authorize the issuance of the bonds or certificates shall be necessary. No other proceedings or procedures of any character whatever shall be necessary or required for the issuance of the bonds or certificates by the city. The words “revenue bonds” and “revenue certificates” and “excise tax bonds” and “excise tax certificates” are used interchangeably herein, and the provisions applicable to one are applicable to the other.