No Boss Mayor overstates attendance

We received a press release from Charlie Fairchild & Don Caton’s PAC – No Boss Mayor. In it, they claim 50 people attended the meeting. Jeff DeWeese, who is the treasurer of the pro-charter PAC, reports that only about 22 people were there. Sam Horton was not in attendance. Marty Donovan was.

Press Release:
The No Boss Mayor Committee held their first meeting last night with community activists opposed to the Strong Mayor charter change. No Boss Mayor Committee Members, Don Caton, Bryon Keesler, Charles Fairchild, John Fleming, Jerry Maygarden, Samuel Horton and Paul Young led an indepth discussion with about 50 members of the community about why a proposed Mayor-council form of government is bad for Pensacola.

Committee members offered the following reasons for opposition:
* A Strong Mayor form of government puts too much power in the hands of one person and opens the door to Special Interests controlling City Hall through cronyism and patronage.
* Accountability for day to day administration is lost because the Mayor will only be accountable once every four years at the ballot box and doesn’t answer to the Council at all.
* The voter’s voice is diminished because Council terms would be lengthened from 2 to 4 years.
* A Boss Mayor will be able to make decisions behind closed doors and would not be subject to the Sunshine Law.
* The huge cost to taxpayers for an increased Mayoral salary and support staff.
* Concentration of power in the Strong Mayor will weaken District representation.

Over half of those in attendance signed up as volunteers and left energized and committed to getting the word out that people should vote NO when they receive their ballots in November. Between now and Election Day the No Boss Mayor Committee and its volunteers will be putting out signs, and embarking on a public information campaign to educate voters about the dangers of the proposed new Strong Mayor form of government.

Another meeting will be held the week of October 26th and details of that meeting will be shared once they have been finalized.
To join the No Boss Mayor campaign please email