Escambia County continues to lose students

For the third consecutive year, the Escambia County School District saw its student enrollment drop. Meanwhile Santa and Okaloosa counties have experienced steady growth.

The districts of Santa Rosa and Okaloosa this year alone increased by 733 and 455 students respectively.

Over the past five years, Escambia County has lost 284 students, Santa Rosa gained 1,595, and Okaloosa has seen its enrollment jump by 1,217 students.

With all the new jobs being created in Escambia County, the school district’s numbers should equal its neighboring counties. Apparently the people taking those new jobs are choosing to put their children in schools outside the ECSD.

Achieve Escambia needs to find out why.


Student Enrolled By Year
Escambia Santa Rosa Okaloosa
2012-13 40670 25878 29876
2013-14 40753 25892 30216
2014-15 40735 26330 30415
2015-16 40655 26740 30638
2016-17 40386 27473 31093
Five-yr chg -284 1595 1217

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  1. Just wait until Trump and Congressman Gaetz destroys public funding for public schools. Since I will not send my grand kids to bible schools, or to any charter school, I guess we will just have to move back north where locals tax themselves for great schools, and do not count on anti public school republicans to fund their public education…Parents with kids in school, or to be in school, STOP voting republicans into office, they really do not care about your or your children’s welfare.

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