Escambia County races expensive, too

Wilson Robertson spent $81,421 in 2004 and lost County Commission Dist. 1 to Whitehead, who spent $45,507. This year Robertson spent $155,262 to win the seat.

Dist. 3 Commissioner Marie Young spent about the same. 2006 $26,286 2007 $27,115

In 2004, Dist 5 Commissioner Kevin White won a five-man primary spending $33,002. This year he spent $55,204.

In 2004, incumbent School Superintendent Jim Paul spent $63,440 to win. Malcolm Thomas had no primary and still spent $91,576.

Wilson Robertson spent more than any commission candidate since W.D. Childers in 2000 – who spent over $200,000 to win Dist. 1 seat. Grover Robinson spent $146,961 to beat incumbent Tom Banjanin for Dist. 4 in 2006. Gene Valentino spent $82,979 to win Dist. 2 that same year.

David Morgan won the sheriff’s race spending $115,659. In 2004, incumbent Ron McNesby spent $234,066 to get re-elected. In 2000, incumbent Jim Lowman spent $199,000 to winner McNesby’s $150,000.