Sheriff-to-be Morgan calls for audit

David Morgan has sent a letter to the Escambia County Commission telling them he wants to move the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office accounting, budgeting and finances under the County Comptroller Ernie Lee Magaha. Prior to the transfer, Morgan wants an independent audit of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office financial records.

In a phone interview with IN, Morgan said that as a candidate and private citizen that he could never get a straight answer on the ECSO budget or finances.

“After the primary, I began talking with Lisa Bernau (Chief Deputy Clerk) and Patty Sheldon (Magaha’s Financial Services Administrator) about transferring the accounting function and payroll over to the Mr. Magaha’s office, along with the necessary positions and funding to do the work,” said Morgan, who beat Democrat Larry Scapecchi in yesterday’s general election.

“I believe the Comptroller (Magaha) is the rightful constitutional officer to oversee the county funds. We’re paying for duplicate functions if it remains in the sheriff’s office.”

Morgan added, “For Mr. Magaha’s protection and mine, I will also authorize an independent audit of the finances as far back as necessary.”