Escambia County School District to check on internet access for students

Escambia County continues to have areas with limited and/or no internet service.

“With over 50% of students being served through remote and/or virtual learning, it’s important that we continue to work with families to find appropriate methods to continue students’ learning and progress,” stated Superintendent Malcolm Thomas.

Escambia County School District remote and virtual learning teachers will begin contacting parents and guardians to determine each students’ internet access/availability on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Parents should anticipate receiving a telephone call from their student’s teacher(s) to determine methods for delivering remote instruction.

For students without internet access, schools will work with families to determine an appropriate solution. This will ensure instruction and learning can continue. Solutions may include providing a temporary mobile hotspot for the student until the internet is restored, or providing packets of learning materials for students where feasible.

As teachers will be spending Wednesday, Sept. 23 contacting parents, the normal remote instructional schedule will not occur.

Further details regarding the remote learning schedule will be communicated by their students’ teacher and/or school administration. Your support and patience during this process is greatly appreciated.

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