Escambia County Stands Behind Gas Leak Statement

The latest press release on the evacuation of the ECSO Admin building:

On Thursday evening, May 22, the Escambia County Public Information Office issued a news release about an evacuation of the Sheriff’s Office Administration Building, 1700 West Leonard Street, following reports of a natural gas smell within the facility.

The Escambia County Administration and Public Information Office stand behind that original news release. That statement said Escambia County was working with crews from Pensacola Energy and mechanical contractors to re-establish natural gas service that had been disrupted since the April 30 explosion of the Escambia County Jail’s Central Booking and Detention facility.

At no point in that statement did Escambia County imply that everyone involved with the effort to re-establish natural gas service to the ECSO Administration Building remained on site for the duration of the process.

Escambia County regrets that County staff did not better coordinate with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office to advise them of the re-establishment of natural gas service.