Escambia has ‘COVID Epidemic Outbreak’

Everywhere we look we find reports about the COVID-19 outbreak in Escambia County. Yet, the county leaders – except for Commissioner Lumon May – have refused to do anything proactive other than to encourage people to mask up.

Esri has complied a data map that shows that 45% of US counties are seeing an ‘epidemic trend’, or uncontrollable spread, of coronavirus cases.

Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) is a tech company based in Redlands, Calif. that develops geographic information system software, web GIS and geo database management applications.

Of the 3,141 counties across the US, 1,415 are currently experiencing an epidemic outbreak and 1,103 are seeing spreading trends, which is an outbreak that could still be controlled if preventative measures are taken.

Escambia County is in the Epidemic Outbreak category.

Escambia County, FL Epidemic
Active Cases: 2,909 (Approx.)
Total Cases: 4,745  
902.43 per 100,000 persons
2019 Est. Population: 322,351
Deaths: 55 (1.16% of Cases) 
Days since last new case: 0
2,699 cases confirmed in the past 14 days



1 thought on “Escambia has ‘COVID Epidemic Outbreak’

  1. “The county leaders have refused to do anything proactive other than to encourage people to mask up.”… I disagree with this statement, due to the fact that even though they’ve wasted a quarter of a million dollars for their “mask up” campaign, they haven’t led by example by any means. They’ve made a complete mockery out of their own campaign.

    One commissioner (Bergosh) has made several blog posts debating the effectiveness of masks. Another commissioner (Underhill) has publicly posted on social media encouraging & giving advice to a local anti mask campaign, by telling them to be “the loudest voice against masks”. Another Commissioner (Bender) is answering his constituents’ emails by stating “we’re finding the main cause of spread to be from people riding in cars together”, which is complete bs. And then there’s our county administrator, that has refused to take ANY precautions to protect the public, or her fellow county employees, and has done her best to hide the true numbers from the public, and even other county employees. Why didn’t she tell others that had been in contact with the deputy administrator, that he tested positive?

    Their negligence and feeble attempt to cover up numbers, etc, should be criminal. Janice Gilley’s continued mass failures should be just cause to ask for her resignation!

    Not only has their denial, & minimization efforts caused others to falsely believe the virus is nothing more than a “hoax”, which has put so many in danger, they’re killing small businesses as well.

    Do your jobs or resign.
    Enough is enough!

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