Escambia still averages a COVID death per day

Florida had 11,433 new COVID cases – just 25 short of last Friday’s daily record.

Escambia County had 153 new cases – 147 Florida residents, 9 were tied to nursing homes, one with correctional, median age 43 and 10.8% positivity – lowest rate for July.

The county had another death – still maintaining the average of one a day in July. Hospitalizations jumped up 15 to 170.

Hospitalizations and deaths lag behind the rise in positives.

For July 9,  Chicago reported 171 positives out of 3,557 test results – 4.8% positivity rate.  About 6.31 cases per 100,000 people.

For July 9, King County – where Seattle is located –  reported 167 positives out of 3,718  test results – 4.5% positivity rate. About 7.41 cases per 100,000 people.

For July 9, Escambia reported 147 positives among locals out of 1,363 tests results – 10.8% positivity.  About 46.2 cases per 100,000 people. 

In Santa Rosa County, all the new cases are Florida residents, none tied to nursing homes, none to correctional, median age 43 and positivity rate of 9.0% for 576 tests on July 9. The county had four more hospitalizations – total 65.

In June, Santa Rosa had 368 new COVID cases among its residents. The county already has 436 for July.


as of July 10 7/8/20 7/9/20 Increase
Total Cases        232,718    244,151  11,433
Fla Residents        229,367    240,710  11,343
Non-Fla.            3,351        3,441         90
Deaths            4,009        4,102         93
Escambia            3,332        3,485       153
Okaloosa            1,015        1,083         68
Santa Rosa            1,033        1,085         52





3 thoughts on “Escambia still averages a COVID death per day

  1. The real problem right now is our medic shortage. I’ve been waging an email campaign against Janice Gilley’s attempts at misinformation on that note since last night.

    Thankfully it seems we’ve got a good, competent guy in our new Public Safety Director Jason Rogers. That still doesn’t change the fact that our EMS was already bled to the bone on medics before the pandemic started. Escambia is at this early stage in our spike at the point where it is having to call on its mutual aid agreement with Santa Rosa Life Guard in order to staff at a non-optimal level; we’ve asked for 2 crews from them tomorrow. (The WEAR report that this is a new agreement was incorrect.)

    And the overtime isn’t enough enticement. They are also offering incentive pay.

    Think on the irony of that: Escambia County is now begging medics they chased off with a toxic workplace environment to come back and staff the wasteland during a pandemic.

    Anybody remember back in May of last year when I started trying to get the word out on the crisis of workplace retribution happening in our EMS initiated under Jack Brown’s tenure? And 2.0’d once Janice Gilley hit the County.

    Maybe illegally subverting all those employees’ due process wasn’t such a great idea after all.

  2. Not the point, Steve. The death rate for COVID is increasing. When people die from one cause – breast cancer, AIDs, whatever -and the rate is three to five times greater that previously known in an area, it’s a fact that should be watched.

  3. Escambia county averages 7 deaths per day for all causes. Based on that, since the beginning of March, when all this began, approximately 900 people have died in Escambia. 63 in the month of July.

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