Fire and police pensions still up for consideration by Florida lawmakers

The Florida Legislature will take another look at overhauling state pensions during the 2014 session if House Speaker Will Weatherford and Senate President Don Gaetz have their way.

News Service of Florida reports that Gaetz said told reporters on Thursday that lawmakers were looking into new ideas after a push by House Speaker Weatherford to send all new state employees into 401(k)-style retirement plans died in the Senate last year.

“I want to work with Speaker Weatherford to pass legislation this year that will strengthen our city and county retirement systems and will secure the future for our state retirement system as well,” Gaetz said. “Now, what form that bill might take, I’m not sure.”

A bill to change how local pensions for police officers and firefighters might work has been approved by a Florida Senate panel, but no legislation dealing with the state retirement system has moved yet.