Florida blows past 93K COVID cases, sets new daily record

Florida has 4,049 new COVID cases, setting a new daily record for the fourth time in the past five days.

Escambia County has 43 new cases – only four were non-Florida residents. The positivity rate for June 19 was 8.9% and the median age was 28. The daily total is the highest since May 3, which had 55 cases.

It’s time we quit pretending the virus only effects old people, and the new cases are tied to car pools to Panama City and a few families.

The Escambia Board of County Commissioners should demand a more detailed report of the contract tracing.

BTW: Duval County – site of the 2020 GOP convention – had 205 new cases – up 63 from the previous day.

6/19/20 6/20/20 Increase
Total Cases 89748 93797 4049 4.51%
Florida Residents 87643 91670 4027 4.59%
Non-Fla. 2105 2127 22 1.05%
Deaths 3104 3144 40 1.29%
Escambia 1127 1170 43 3.82%
Okaloosa 366 398 32 8.74%
Santa Rosa 330 342 12 3.64%

3 thoughts on “Florida blows past 93K COVID cases, sets new daily record

  1. Simply wrong…

    Dr. Fauci always explained that the virus will take its natural, inevitable course…

    Dr. Fauci always drew two graphs showing the total number of cases being the SAME, the difference was “flattening the curve” resulted in the same total but delaying the duration to avoid overwhelming the critical health system. That has indisputably been accomplished. As you just reported:

    …the mayor noted that area hospital officials have reported they are not currently in danger of running into capacity issues. Of the 14 people hospitalized, he said, only one was currently requiring the use of a ventilator.
    “They feel like they never even scratched the surface on their capacity,” Robinson said.

  2. Ben
    Mr. Faulkner said we flattened the curve on June 2. Since then, Escambia County has had 354 new cases. For the entire month of May, the county only had 319 cases. Florida has seen a 73% increase in June.

    Haven’t heard anyone at state or local level recently say the curve has flattened.

  3. Nice meaningless headline..

    The cases will of course continue to “blow up” ,as you put it, like any other contagious corona virus. You know that. The single stated goal by Dr. Fauci was to flatten the curve to spread the cases over time to avoid overwhelming the intensive care resources. That has been accomplished…and you know it. Mark Faulkner has said it.

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