Florida holds nearly half of migrant kids in Homestead prison-like facility

According to news reports, 2,000 migrant children have been separated from their parents and are being held in detention in Homestead, Fla

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz told the Miami New Times that about 1,000 migrant children are being held inside a secured compound in Homestead–which means almost half of the children being detained are in Homestead if the Congresswoman’s estimate is correct.

The children are imprisoned in a former Job Corps site that opened under the Obama administration and was previously used to house unaccompanied migrant children – Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children.

The U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement operates child-migrant camps on behalf of the federal government. Read how the Miami New Times tried to get the agency to comment on the facility – Feds Holding 1,000 Migrant Children at Miami-Area Compound, Lawmaker Says

Note: The photo is courtesy photo from U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Public Affairs – Visual Communications Division of the Central Processing Center in McAllen, Texas, Sunday, June 17.


5 thoughts on “Florida holds nearly half of migrant kids in Homestead prison-like facility

  1. Agreed.

    Tell me how. Not necessarily you, but someone, please.

    I hear the tragic story repeated day-after-day, then it is followed by memes, political posturing from both sides, name-calling, mis-characterizations, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

    We all want united families, or do we?

    Democrats and Republicans can solve it today, but neither will. Dems like it as a winning issue. Compromise for them is a political loser. Republicans are afraid to touch immigration for fear of getting mangled in a lose-lose response


    Reasonable people are left bewildered and heartbroken.

  2. what if their not the parents of the children? maybe the children were snatched by illegal immigrants or smugglers then hauled thru wilderness/desert unwillingly by their abducters.

  3. Name an alternative? Present it to both principal political parties and hold your breath.

    The two sides in this dilemma are not looking beyond stage one. Both parties look at this problem as binary. It is not.

    We all agree that children in cages is horrible. What’s the alternative in the long run. Short-term solutions may make help one side or the other politically, but may aggravate the larger issue.

  4. Despicable situation.


    Blame Democrats and Republicans.


    What’s the alternative?

    What’s your alternative, Rick?

    Should we abandon border enforcement altogether?

    Should we refuse entry to El Salvadorans and leave them to Mexican government’s mercy?

    Once detained, Central and South Americans cannot be returned to Mexico? Mexico will refuse them. Should Mexican children be refused entry when a parent is detained?

    Should the children be housed with adults, some of whom are dangerous?

    While considering answers, know that “the cage photo” is from 2014.


    Bad policy then. Bad policy now.

    Yet, once again, what’s the alternative?

    The questions continue to evolve as the politics muddy the water.

    The Democrats don’t want to solve the immigration issue. The mid-terms depend on immigration delivering the Dems’ message.

    The Republicans don’t know how to solve it.

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